Posted March 17, 2015

Swedish fans of indierock might know Jukka Rintamäki and Johan Skugge for being in two of the most influential swedish indie bands during the 90’s; Silverbullit respectively Yvonne, but for the international audience it is probably the soundtracks for the computer games Battlefield 3 and 4 that has put them on the map of contemporary electronic music. This also mark their wide sonic spectra as artists; from guitardriven indierock to eclectic instrumental soundscapes. No Science is definitely the melting pot and the result of the duo’s vast experience of creating music from such diverse platforms and their debut album under the none scientific moniker is no exception. “Lucky Resident” is a journey to the most creative side of Rintamäki and Skugge’s common artistic platform, probing the boundaries of future music. The album finishes off with “Familiar Skies”, an epic track and duet between Jukka Rintamäki and fellow swedish artist El Perro del Mar, which beautifully end a timeless album.

Listen the album: Spotify / iTunes