Kriget – Dystopico (BLVVD001) – Buy vinyl

A kind of purity lies within this psychedelic trio’s grasp. With just bass, drums and a furious saxophone they take inspiration from pioneers in the margins of pop. A place where music, mystery and noise always will be perfect bedfellows. While Kriget’s sound and live performance is frequently called unique, a few reference points the trio agree on include: Cybotron, DAF, Peter Brötzmann, James Chance and Ornette Coleman.

Kriget takes the idea of dystopia and raises the bar introducing the term Dystopico. Dystopico describes our civilization as an inferno, a beautiful and frightening world where the well known gets unexpected dimensions, where the catastrophe threatens and where the war is present, a never ending fatal war.

The music featured on Kriget’s Dystopico is the perfect soundtrack for such a war, and we invite you to partake in the grand fight.

Kriget is Gustav Bendt (saxophone), Per Nordmark (drums) and Christoffer Roth (bass).

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