No Science
Lucky Resident (BLVVD007)
Bits (BLVVD006)
Magnificent Arp (BLVVD003)

No Science live bookings via Luger / Robin Sumpton

The swedish duo No Science are set for their first album release “Lucky Resident” in March 2015. In February the first single “Bits” hits the shelves together with a remix by swedish artist Jay-Jay Johanson. The album also features a guest appearance by El Perro del Mar.

No Science is formed of the musicians Jukka Rintamäki and Johan Skugge. Using synthesisers, drum machines, steel guitar and an arsenal of effect pedals they explore the spiritual effects of dark, beat driven melodic music – beyond science. They take their inspiration from both film and art, and cite influences such as Lars Von Triers Riget, David Lynch and Joakim Pirinen. The results are reminiscent of the sinister electronics of Pan Sonic, as well as the warped beauty of My Bloody Valentine.

The duo met in 2010 whilst writing the music for the video game Battlefield 3. They soon realised that they shared the same artistic vision and ethos, and so it was natural for them continue this collaboration, further develop their music together and begin working as ‘No Science’. In 2012 they composed and performed the music for Swedish choreographer, Helena Franzén’s dance performance “Slipping through my fingers” and in 2013 they continued to write and compose for Battlefield in the fourth edition of the game. Late in 2013 the duo released “Magnificent Arp”, their first single as No Science.

Jukka Rintamäki is also a member of the influential Swedish band Silverbullit and has composed music for several dance performances and movies.
Johan Skugge is an electronic musician, who since 2001, has worked on over 30 releases, either under his own name, aliases or as collaborations.

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