Supra!Open Ends (BLVVD004)

The swedish west coast first experienced the deep electronic, repetitive and sometime aggressive sounds of the project known as Super! when Kning Disk released the single “Twa-Lif” which presented a stream of loud electronic sounds and reverberated messages that made Alec Empire look paler then ever, gaining the band a knocked down crowd of followers.

Time was a habit of fluctuating, evolutions take over and new ideas begin redefining what once was. To honor the past and to welcome the future, Super! became Supra! The name change decision from the Gothenburg residents Christoffer Fransson and Albert Sj√∂stam can be seen as an intention to re-evaluate, re-invent and re-group their art into new territories. If the sounds of Super! were intense and compact, Supra! is filled with space and dimensions – as if they hovered above their former selfs (“supra” means “above” in latin). Their hypnotic electronic soundscape are often accompanied by a dreamlike imagery that emancipate their work to a bricolage of sounds, moving pictures and graphics.