Terror of History Take Me Back (BLVVD008)
Terror of History God’s Silence (BLVVD009)

“It feels like the enigmatic swedish duo Terror of History moves in a soundscape both demanding and welcoming. Noisy, creaking and shimmering in a monotonuos but yet melodic sphere. Not seldomly their analogue warmth echoes out in a icy feedback and exactly there, when the music is in its most lightweight and meditative state, it transforms into something alarming and offensive.

The duo consists of Hannes Stenström and Niklas Berglöf and seems to have musical soulmates in a wide span of artists such as Damon Albarn and Mika Vainio, and one could suggest that they shamelessy borrows tones and moods from Angelo Badalamenti and No Age. Still, they’re probably just being themselves, bravely wandering through genres, time and space before they land on a solid platform made out of love, faith and introspection.”